Dyno Security is a small consulting firm of IT security specialists. We work with "hands-on" security testing of networks, applications and infrastructure, and have extensive experience from several sectors, including banking/fincance, telecom, media, e-commerce, manufacturing and retail. We also work as security advisors to support our clients in their design and development projects

The key driver for us is the passion for what we do. We are heavily invested in research projects and try to contribute to the open-source community. For us, security is a very practical concept - once you understand how your system works, making sensible risk decisions is a straightforward process.


Martin Holst Swende

Martin, with a background as M.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering started out in 2004 as a software developer.

In 2009, Martin began working full-time as security consultant, mostly within application security, but also network penetration testing, forensic investigations, code reviews and architecture reviews.

Martin has been a speaker at Defcon, Owasp, HackCon and SEC-T conferences.

He also has a keen interest within physical access controls, and is one of the core developers of Proxmark3, a tool for RFID communication and hacking.

Mattias Berglund

Mattias has a background in IT operations, managing network and server infrastructures in mid- to large-size organizations.

Since 2007, Mattias has been working as an information security consultant,focusing primarily on penetration testing and technical assessments of a wide array of systems.

Mattias has a special interest in concepts related to security testing methodologies, and is developing open-source tools aimed to facilitate the testing process.



Dyno Security AB
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